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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is housing that is affordable to those who cannot afford what is readily available on the open market.

Crawley Borough Council works with partner Housing Associations to run initiatives, which provide low cost homes for sale (shared Ownership) under the Governments Help to Buy Scheme (formerly known as Homebuy). The scheme aims to help people who wish to buy a property but cannot afford to, and those who wish to rent but cannot afford to pay market rents. Most of the people eligible are either first time buyers, public sector key workers, or people in other priority groups, for example council or housing association tenants and those on the council’s combined housing register.

From time to time we will advertise on the Crawley Homechoice website Shared Ownership properties alongside Social Rented Housing in the borough. Applicants will be able to apply for these properies in the normal way. After the bidding cycle has finished, the shortlist of applicants will usually be passed to the landlord who will contact any eligible applicants. You may not be eligible becuase of your current income.

Who is eligible for Low Cost Homeownership?

Crawley Borough Council is working in partnership with BPHA to offer the Help to Buy scheme to people in our local authority area. If you are a first time buyer and you can't afford to purchase a home on the open market, you are likely to qualify for help. Priority is given to council tenants, housing association tenants, those on housing waiting lists for social rented housing and those that are in housing need. View the Help to Buy website to find out if you are eligible.

Where can I get more information?

To find out more about your Help to Buy options you can visit the website here. This web site provides comprehensive information about the scheme and offers the facility to apply online.  BPHA works with other housing associations to match applications to the best available housing solution. You can also contact our Help to Buy Agent, BPHA via telephone: 03333 214044 or email . Information is also available from the Housing Help Point at the Town Hall.

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